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Adrian Andreescu, Plano resident, is a mathematics expert with an early and strong publication history. His acumen in math is one of many talents. His expertise also extends to chess and writing.

As a student pursuing a degree in information technology systems, Andreescu remains focused on academic success. However, he still regularly publishes mathematics materials, scientific and mathematics articles, and analysis on social media and professional sites such as Medium.com.

His performance in mathematics events and on the math teams in primary and secondary school helped Adrian prepare for academic success at college. Math teams he participated in regularly ranked at local events and progressed to state-level and beyond mathematics competitions.

In addition to competing in math events, Andreescu is also a competitive chess player. His most active period in competitions started at the age of seven and continued through his ninth-grade year in high school.

An avid interest in mathematics and his background in math-related competitions helped inspire him to collaborate on and write multiple math books. The first was published while Andreescu was still in Plano attending high school. Publications focus on algebra problems and geometric inequalities and are available through study material distributors as well as on Amazon.com.

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