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Andreescu's first book to hit the shelves, 111 Problems in Algebra and The Number Theory, was released during his high school career and features Vinjai Vale as a co-author.

The volume analyzes the role algebra plays in mathematics and numerous other fields of science. In its description, the authors highlight, "without algebra, there would be no uniform language to express concepts such as numbers' properties. Thus, one must be well-versed in this domain in order to improve in other mathematical disciplines."

In the publication, algebra is examined within math while techniques featured in many Olympiad problems are reviewed. Mathematics Olympiads are mathematics competitions, and within the U.S., they are proof-based contests. Students compete at the local, state, national, and even international level, making study and preparation a constant for the dedicated and competitive.

In 111 Problems in Algebra and Number Theory, the focus is on elementary number theory and incorporates the strategies most used in Olympiad contests at the junior level.

For students who are exceptional in math, a variety of intensive workshops and study programs exist during the school year and as summer retreats. For many, the AwesomeMath Summer Program is a flexible opportunity to participate in a rigorous summer program remotely through online learning. It is a three-week opportunity for gifted middle school and high school students around the world.

Virtual meetings at set times allow students to connect with other math-focused students on a global scale while refreshing key problem-solving skills and deepening an understanding of core concepts beyond the information offered at school. Participation can also help improve performance in later competitions.

In 113 Geometric Inequalities from the AwesomeMath Summer Program, students and non-students alike can brush up on math strategies with complex problems requiring a solid methodology to solve. They also rely on incorporating elements of calculus and complex numbers, making them a dynamic learning experience to help prepare for Olympiad-level competitions and other math events.

120 Awesome Algebra Problems

For the student looking for an overview of unique and intriguing algebra problems, 120 Awesome Algebra Problems +20 Bonus Problems written by Adrian Andreescu and Titu Andreescu is a solid choice.

It starts with more classical examples any advanced math student would recognize, such as the quadratic equation, polynomials and more. From there, the problems build in intensity and require more complex reasoning to arrive at a solution.

As a student progresses through the book, more theory is explored with an overview of equation basics, an examination of numeric qualities of equations, and a look at real and integer solutions. After the information is reviewed and theories explained, more problem-solving arises with the additional use of theorems and practical examples.

Accomplishments and Achievements

As a student, Andreescu participated in a diverse selection of math events, ranging from local math meets to Olympiad competitions and more. He accumulated many awards for his team participation and received recognition due to his solo math expertise. His career in competitive chess events from age seven and onward also led to many awards and recognition.

He is most proud of his efforts in mathematics and the three books he has helped co-author with other mathematical experts. In crafting the books, Andreescu was able to exercise both math and writing skills, particularly finding a way to express more complex theories and concepts in an approachable way for a target audience of math scholars. He has continued these same writing efforts and additional scientific analysis on his blog,


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